My creative spaces

Its design through time, from Mexico to London.

espacio creativo de Maria Marie @cestmaria Creative space, creative working space by Maria Marie

Since I started my creative journey, it has been very important for me to have a place that gives me peace and the inspiration I need to start working. A space that not only sees ideas bloom but also creative projects being finished.

I believe that having a place dedicated to your work is honouring your creativity and giving it the space it deserves. A creative niche that allows you to flow and that when you enter that room or when you sit in that corner set up for you, you know that it is time to start creating.

My spaces have been a vital source of inspiration, this is why I invite you to accompany me on this journey through the different creative spaces that I have had over time.

1. My first creative space

espacio creativo de cestmaria - cestmarias first creative space

My first workspace was when I was still living in Mexico with my parents. I felt the need to move from the family studio and have my own space, so with a lot of effort I bought my first laptop and adapted a corner of my room with a table and a chair. I decorated it with my personal touch (washi tapes) and it became the ideal place to create.

As you can see, I tried to make it nice and simple, with a bit of colour but without being the main attraction in my room, since it was not only my place to work but also to rest.

2. My first space in London

creative space by maria marie, espacio creativo de color pastel lleno de inspiración diseñado por mariamarie

Moving to London was not only a change of country but I was also sharing the space with another person, my husband, who is not exactly a lover of pastel colors.

We came to London on a budget and as you know, London is quite an expensive city, so we moved into a one bedroom apartment. This time my creative space had to adapt to my new situation as a couple, my budget and coexist with the rest of the areas of the house. It was quite a challenge!

3. My space in North London

There are times when we have to make sacrifices to continue with our dreams. Throughout my life I have always had to let things go to make room for new ones to come. In this case, the sacrifice for us involved moving house. This time our home was really small and the only thing left for me was to set up my creative space in conjunction with my dressing table.

Perhaps the idea does not sound very inspiring, but with this I want to show you that willing is power. During my stay in this small apartment, I worked on several of the creative campaigns of which I am very proud.

So you know, no matter the size of your space, the important thing is to have the correct mindset.

4. My first official studio

espacio creativo de Maria Marie @cestmaria Creative space, creative working space by Maria Marie

When I started to feel like I was on the right track, I decided it was time to have a room dedicated solely to my creative space, my studio.

With a lot of effort this time, I was able to completely decorate it with my style and design, it was my blank canvas. The first thing I did was to paint it pink because I wanted to feel the feminine energy that this colour brings, full of peace and tranquility. I added plants, books, artwork, crystals, among other things.

Over time the design has changed but has kept the same line, pastel colours and femininity.

What’s next

Now that I have moved house, I will have to design a new studio where I can flow and connect with that energy that motivates me to work.

My creative spaces represent different stages in my life, they have been of all sizes and colours, but they have all served the same purpose, to make my creativity grow.

If you also want to create your own creative space, do not miss these tips that will help you start now.

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