I'm Marioly.

Founder of Maria Marie.

Marioly Vazquez, Maria Marie, cestmaria

My creative practice is deeply aligned with my spirituality. Every brush stroke, every photo is an opportunity for me to connect with my heart.

Maria Marie

I was born in Mexico and I live in London, UK. 

My grandmothers taught me a lot about the magic of the world. They were healers and artists, creating medicine from plants to help others and writing devotional poetry. Growing up, I naturally gravitated toward creativity as a way to connect with others  — but I was told I could never make this my career. I went to University to study Business, but always felt there was something missing. So I moved to Paris.

It was in Paris that everything began to fall into place and set me on the path I am on today. By chance, I was hosted by a married couple that were both professional artists. They opened my eyes to the idea that you could be creative and successful.

I arrived back in Mexico with a new perspective. I picked up my camera and started photographing, in a bid to share the everyday beauty of my hometown. I posted the images to a newly launched app called Instagram. Something clicked, and I grew an audience.

Meanwhile I’d been working at a museum. I was organising art exhibitions and managing philanthropic projects to help underprivileged children into gifted and talented programmes. I had an incredible mentor that showed me how to be a successful woman in business.

I made up my mind to move back to Europe, and won a full scholarship for an Art’s Management Master’s degree in London. It was during this time that my photography hobby also became a business. I started photographing for the likes of Ted Baker, Ford, and Dior.

I wanted to expand my business outside of photography so enrolled back in design school. I took a leap of faith, and never felt more alive. I knew I was finally on the right path, and Maria Marie Studio was born.

Throughout my journey, one thing has remained consistent: following my intuition. To me, intuition is your soul speaking to you. When I listen to my soul, it takes me on unexpected journeys, and I create my best work.

I’m a light seeker

My work is a reflection of light. As an eternally creative soul, I believe that through the power of impassioned creativity we can weave together stories that can capture the imagination and engage an inquisitive world.

Maria Marie Studios

Today, I blend all of my skills and experience to provide work across art, design, photography and mentorship.  Although everyday is different, one element remains: 

Helping others connect with their hearts and find the creative within.

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Maria Marie has worked with international brands such as dyson, ford, unilever, dior, Atelier Cologne, Adobe,

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