Marioly Vazquez in her pastel coloured studio

I believe in finding beauty in the unexpected. 

To create a space in my studio where I flow completely and abundantly in the activity I perform. I approach this with the ultimate focus and expression to bring my art and creativity to life.

Years ago, I studied a degree in Business Administration, but never fully settled into the corporate scene. I felt my creative values were being compromised and wanted to pursue something that was more in tune with who I am.

Fascinated by my country’s beauty I started to take photos of the surroundings around me, those I truly thought were delightful. 
What started as a simple photography blog communicating the beauty of my home town in Mexico to friends across the world, quickly turned into an explosion of colour and intrinsic art in my life. I sparked a real love for design and naturally, wherever I travelled, I would take shots of how I saw the world around me.

Over the years, this passion for exploring culture and observing society from the subject’s point of view, quickly developed into my own subtle and considerate point of view. It is these cultural influences that have strongly inspired my style.

After going back to school to study Graphic Design and Arts Management, I have been wandering the world and adding experience to my career.

I travelled from Mexico to Paris, from Tokyo to London and have been working independently since.

For the last five years I have worked and curated content for some of the most fascinating brands, including Dyson, Ford, Unilever, Issey Miyake, Dior and Adobe. I am located in London, but available globally. I am extremely fortunate to have turned what I love into a career that I enjoy every single day.

I’m fascinated by movement, colour and the beauty found in the smallest of corners of the world.  I offer Creative Direction and Branding focusing on what draws a reaction out of culture and people; in a world of unexpected beauty.

At my creative studio, I work with a visual and experiential storytelling style. I employ a hands-on approach to my work which merges digital, analogue and spatial design techniques to produce visual narratives.

My first book Pastel Moods is an exploration of colour around the world. Learn more about my book “Pastel Moods”

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Marioly Vazquez posing in Maria Marie pastel studio
Jawahar Circle Garden in Jaipur by mariamarie

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