visual storytelling for instagram

In this online Instagram course, I will teach you how to use visual storytelling as your brand strategy.
You’ll develop a tool set for understanding how to create the right visual message, as well as learn my approach to generating ideas, working with concepts and bringing this to life for your audience or your own personal brand. Stepping away from the spammy salesman content and stepping into stories.

Have you ever felt like your instagram potential is going untapped? Do you ever pour over images and wonder, how do they do that?
Do you ever stick with the trends or mimic someone else’s style and you’ve lost all sense of your own story to tell?

It sometimes feels like everyone else has found a magic formula. Their feed is curated with beautiful content or there are those who have outsmarted the algorithm. That their popularity has grown along with their profitability. Those creative entrepreneurs who sip cocktails on the beach and hit every perfect angle of the product they are pushing.

Sure – I wish!

I don’t believe in magic formulas, I believe in the beautiful art of telling authentic and real human stories. I treat my feed like a magazine. A content spot which is genuinely from the heart and speaks right to the audience.

The art of storytelling on Instagram

This course has audio in Spanish, but offers CC in Spanish/English/Portuguese

”  I sprinkle my feed with quality words and images. I don’t rely on any algorithms and yet I don’t leave things to chance.
I invite my audience into my own world, telling a story they want to see and hear. My style has become so recognisable as to who
I am, that my audience can spot instantaneously when im posting.
This could also be you.” 

These are the tools I teach you

How to tell stories that connect with your brand’s audience

How to develop your own unique style, tone and voice

The technical side of developing your content; mastering the edit​

The tools and techniques on posting creative content on Instagram; the who, what, when and where​

For the past decade, what started as a simple sharing tool to my friends and family quickly grew into 131,000 online followers, without ever paying to boost or fake followers. I’ve organically grown my own brand and my audience continues to grow every day.
I won’t teach you how to become like my instagram profile and copy my style. I’ll teach you how to develop your own style, to build a clear strategy that focuses on your own voice and create your own story to tell the world, as a result making those real lasting audience connections.

Visual branding is cohesive, memorable and attractive

In a sea of copy and paste visuals on instagram, it’s important to build brand recognition. Audiences want to connect with the brand in an authentic way. In this course, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about building connections with a clear and eye-catching visual style.

” If you have been brainstorming ideas and struggling with knowing what to do next about your brand, then this course is for you.

What to expect in the course

Build your creative confidence

Structure your instagram visual strategy

Increase your instagram engagement value

Meet like-minded individuals through the online community

Looking to delve in deeper?

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