A soulful branding journey

Artful branding, intuitive design & luminous photography.

In our studio, we help women to align with their intuition and connect to their truest desires so that together we can produce powerfully authentic and honest branding. We call this mission a ‘soulful branding journey’. Throughout this journey, you will discover the very essence of your brand, and how to translate it into truly meaningful visuals that inspire real connectivity.

At Maria Marie, we work with brands to discover their value, and how it can be effectively communicated to the right audience. Our focus is on the emotional connection between brand and customer, and how this allows you to form the foundations of an authentic, aligned and blossoming  successful brand business that is able to communicate openly and effectively with its audience.  

Our Services

Art & Creative Direction

Photography & Styling


Surface Pattern Design

  In a world where uniqueness shines, there is never a one size fits all approach to compelling design and storytelling. We are mindful when collaborating with brands, being careful to ensure that every project we take on maintains the balance of harmony and energetic innovation that fuels our creativity. 

What can we
do for you?

Animate your story with meaningful visuals

Once you’re confident in your brand’s identity, it’s time to start the magic of storytelling. 

Below you’ll find some of the ways we can help your brand to communicate its vision, passion and ethos to an audience that is ready and waiting…

creative and art direction Maria Marie

Artful Branding

The branding services that we offer range from bespoke logos to a complete 360 of your visual voice and communications. This includes brand values, messaging, and guidance on a selection of personalised creative assets. We are careful to work with each brand on a personal level and intentionally; developing designs that feel truly authentic for your business. 


To learn more about our branding journey and how we can work with you to bring your vision to life, simply contact us here.

Creative Assets

From eye-catching business cards to beautifully crafted stationery, experiences and imagery that comes to life, we can create assets across print and digital that stay true to your brand and help to capture your audience at every level. 

Discover some of the many ways that we can create compelling and worthy creative that helps your brand tell its most important stories.

Website Design

Your business needs an online home. Not just any home — your brand deserves a website that will be a compelling and beautifully designed experience to differentiate you from the competition and effectively communicate the value you bring. 

 At Maria Marie, we offer our clients bespoke website design and development on a number of CMS platforms, to find out which one will work best for you, please get in touch.

Photography and Styling

Imagery can evoke powerful emotions that capture the audience you want to engage. We'll work with you to create a collection of imagery that will communicate your brand's message and help to nurture a loyal and dedicated community. 

Drawing on natural light and an array of vivid and soothing colours we bring life to unexpected beauty.  Together, we can create beautiful imagery with your brand that you can utilise in whichever way you choose — now and in the future. Take a look at some of our favourite work.

soulful photography and styling

Content Creation 

Whether it’s photographs, stop-motion imagery, or specialised graphics, every image that you use should be in line with your brand and objectives. Whatever it is that you need to communicate with your audience, we can help you create it. From a bank of images that are Instagram ready, to videos that will enhance your Facebook adverts – we’ll work with you to create something truly unique, inspiring and relatable.

Get in touch for more detail about how we can help create the content you need to grow your social media channels with the right audiences.

maria marie in a flower patterned blouse surrounded by pastel floral art

Surface Pattern Design

Print and pattern is so important to many aspects of our lives, and is an intrinsic expression of the creativity that we embody. At Maria Marie we take great care and pride in crafting enchanting illustrations, prints and patterns with your brand's needs in mind. 


Working across home, fashion and kids ranges, we have collaborated with art buyers and art directors across the globe to create a range of artwork and pattern designs available for licensing. We also welcome new commissions and collaborations to expand our offering.

Branding Stories

Thoughts and testimonials

Beastie Wildlife
I found Maria's studio on Instagram, I think it was fate. I was drawn towards some of her illustrations, because they had an uplifting feel to it and were different than a lot of the work I had seen. Working with Maria has been a delight, I truly mean it. She has a very pleasant way of communicating and is efficient in her work. For instance, she gives you clear options for branding, so you can choose. She collaborates, instead of creating stuff in a silo, she regularly checks in to see whether its in line with what you're thinking of. She takes initiative and really tries to understand what it is you are trying to achieve with the brand. I can wholeheartedly say I would recommend working with Maria.
Jocelyn, Beasties wildlife

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