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Did you know that having a mental block that slows down your ideas is more common than you think?

Like you, there are more amazing creatives overthinking a concept, and they haven’t been able to find their inspiration or a happy ending to their dazzling projects.

The funny thing is that, most of the time, the problems that block your ideas, can be solved by just asking for help, it’s that simple.

mentorias creativas,

I can help you.  I call this project “walking with you through the path that I have already walked”, because I know that, without a doubt, it will help you find your creative spark, your confidence and your motivation.

And I am convinced, because in my years of experience, I have seen two constants in my students and followers who ask me for advice: first, they have technical doubts that can be solved in a few minutes, and they do not know it, and second, they feel insecure  on how to guide their passion, dedication and effort.

I understand them well, I have been in their place.

This mentoring is for creatives like you, if...

You are postponing the delivery of a wonderful project, just for technical questions of photos or editing.

You are afraid of starting your brand or your dreams because you feel insecure about how to be different and original

You want to incorporate visual storytelling on Instagram to renew it, give it coherence and achieve the emotional connection you have dreamed of hundreds of times with your followers.

If today you are a whirlwind of ideas that travel aimlessly or are about to abandon your true vocation, for simple obstacles that you perceive as giants, let me accompany you.

I know that can change with creative mentoring, because all you need is a few minutes completely dedicated to your project, to find what you are looking for: clarity, guidance and motivation.

What can you consult during this session?

mentorias creativas

Doubts about technical photography (cameras, lenses, styling) or editing (Lightroom, Photoshop or mobile apps), to take advantage of your creations and achieve the most beautiful images that communicate what you really want.

– Ideas to start a personal brand from scratch, find your differentiator and make your heart beat strongly for what you are about to create.

– Visual storytelling, to give a new face to your brand and make it genuine, memorable and unlike any other.

– Strategies, so that your Instagram account reaches the objectives you are pursuing and reflects your essence and personality, making a strategic nod to the algorithm.

– My personal opinion, if today you have a strategy implemented in this social network, so you know if you are on the right track and open your eyes to other areas of opportunity that make your account shine, like never before.

Can you imagine all these possibilities at your fingertips?

Welcome, I will love to collaborate with your dream and help you leave behind all fears and doubts to achieve your creative purposes.   Beyond being your mentor, I want you to see me as your cheerleader, that supports your ideas and will help you by giving a clear structure.

Let’s dream together

What can you expect from this mentoring?

For an hour you and me, in a personalized 1: 1 online session:

-We will talk and work on your goals.

-I will resolve any specific questions you have.

-I will teach you how to build your story through images, how to tell it to connect with your followers and I will give you tips that will delight your audience.

-I will help you discover the range of tools that Instagram has, to give color and light to your projects or personal brand.

-Everything, so that your ideas take shape with observations and suggestions in a clear, simple and positive language, in order to eliminate your blockages, save time and reduce effort.  Getting in touch is easy, no matter where in the world you are;  you just need internet access, a computer or tablet with web cam and we will be chatting live via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Are you ready to color your creativity and get excited again?

Want to know more about me?

Maria Marie - Creative Lifestyle

Hello, I am Marioly Vázquez, I was born in Mexico and I live in London (Great Britain).  I am dedicated to styling, design and photography.  I have a master’s degree in art management and I have more than 7 years creating original content.

Years ago I studied a degree in Business Administration, although there was always a spark that called me to the world of creativity.

It was a spark that little by little I channeled into projects that shone with their own light.  I would be lying if I told you it was easy, actually, I overcame the challenge of understanding my ideas and shaping them into successful projects.

Without a doubt, the effort, dedication and trust in me, brought me closer to my passion: design and photography.

Today I create campaigns and photo content still life, set production, lifestyle, video stop motion and graphic solutions in a holistic way, for brands like Dyson, Oral B, Ford, Unilever, Deliveroo, Air Wick, Swatch, Ted Baker,  among other.

And I love it.  Although I also love working with independent brands and entrepreneurs passionate about its creation, who dream about make them popular.

Are you an artist, photographer or creator?  Contact me, today I want to dedicate part of my time to build together your image and personal brand.

Whoever has worked with me says…

I will be happy to see your testimony here.

Send me a message so we can book your session.


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