Soulful Photography
& Color Stories

My journey as a photographer is something that has been transformative for me and allowed me to connect with my soul — before I even realised it. When I am shooting, it is like I am meditating. I am truly living in the present and capturing its essence and beauty. 


Through the use of colour, I’ve been exploring the emotions and moods of the world around us, something which inspired my debut photography book, Pastel Moods. In the book, I examine how each particular colour tone inspires certain states of mind, and how these reflect how we go about our lives. How does natures’ own colour palette affect our mood? Each chapter explores a different color tone, how it is used to speak to our psyche and what it evokes in us. Bathed in pastel hues, this book captures the deeper meaning behind how the colors we are surrounded by impact our mood.

Maria Marie Marioly Vazquez