5 essentials for your creative space

mentorias creativas by MariaMarie
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mentorias creativas by MariaMarie

Finding the ideal space that will give you the inspiration you want so much, is easier than you think. If you are like me, constantly looking for ways to be more creative, you should read these five ideas that I am sharing with you so that you can build your own creative space.

If you have already read my post about my creative studios, you will already know that there is no need to have a large place or a room. You just need to make it feel inspiring and full of energy to start working.


creatives spaces by mariamarie 5 elementos para decorar tu espacio creativo

There is nothing better than the old fashion way of taking your references from the books you have at home. Despite the fact that there are special sites on the Internet to get ideas from (like Pinterest), the simple action of taking a book and browsing through it, already makes for a unique and inspiring experience.

For me, books are not only a source of inspiration because of their content but I also like to use them as part of my creative space decoration.


As creatives, we tend to be locked up for most of our day creating, designing, writing … among many other things, that we miss out on the external world. Having plants not only improves the visual aspect of a space but also helps us reconnect with nature and fills us with life.

I understand that there are people who do not dare to have plants because of the fear of not knowing how to take care of them, but you can find plants, such as cactus, that do not require much care. If you prefer, you can replace the plants with flowers. These will not only fill the space with good vibes but also with a good aroma.


maria marie in a flower patterned blouse surrounded by pastel floral art

Surrounding myself with paintings and things that inspire me is very motivating when it comes to working. Some of the work that I put on my walls have been made by me, but it is not because I am a narcissist. I do it because they are reminders of my goals and things that are worth fighting for. It is also important to have art by people that you admire and inspire you, for example I like to hang pictures of my favorite illustrators or clippings from magazines that catch my attention.


espacios creativos por maria marie creative spaces by maria marie

A well lit space, preferably with natural light, is always good, especially when you are an illustrator or when you are working with colour since you need the best possible and neutral light.

Well lit spaces also represent order and tranquility and there is no better way to work than letting the rays of the sun enter through the window. Believe me! Now that I live in London, I have learnt to value sunny days so much more.


Maria Marie

Having a suitable stationery that inspires you is not a child like or school thing. That pen from the hotel that you visited 10 years ago… Well, throw it away! It is time to surround yourself with stationery and things that fill you with inspiration.

Give yourself the luxury and the opportunity to have a new agenda, a pen which feels good to write, that notebook that looks good on the outside and that invites you to put your ideas in it.

These are just some ideas to create your creative space. It may be that you have other options that help you find inspiration when creating, each person flows and develops ideas in different ways. These have worked for me and I hope they help you set up your own creative space.