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A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to start a new project Pantone related. After my #MariasPantone series I stopped using them for a while, but still enjoyed having them at home. If you follow me on Instagram you know by now that I am a huge fan of facades, specially those colourful ones. I’ve posted so many pics of beautiful doors, windows and building, but London has definitely the best doors ever. I love to walk around and find a street where all its doors are different colours, almost like a crayola box. So I decided to start matching them with my Pantone cards. Here is a little peek of the behind the scenes of how I create them. For those of you how asked me if I carried around with me the Pantone cards all the time, the answer is, yes! Only when I know I will be taking pictures and will have time to explore around. When spotting a beautiful colourful door the next step is to choose which the colour that bests matches the door, and this can take a while. Some times there aren’t any colours to match the door, so I have to go to the next one.
 It is so much fun and I really enjoy doing this series, if you haven’t seen it yet, check our the hashtag I created for it. Have a lovely day!

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