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Christmas decoration in London
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My Christmas tree is finally up!

This year I decided to do a different kind of Christmas. As we are not going back home with our family and we will be spending Christmas Eve at home with friends, I decided to incorporate some elements of my home country.

In my last trip to San Miguel de Allende, I bought some handcrafted pompoms from Chiapas. When I first saw them I just thought they looked so cute and the colours were so bright and vivid, I needed to have them!

So to match those pompoms with the rest of my decoration I bought this Otomi cushion. This cushion is hand embroidered by female artisans from Mexico and some times it takes them weeks to get one done. The designs are first drawn on a natural cotton, called “manta”, then embroidered entirely by hand. Every design is unique and is available in different colours and sizes.

We don’t give enough credit to these amazing women who work so hard in their crafts perfecting it generation to generation. So I feel extremely happy to have these handcrafts at home.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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