Visiting Margate

Visiting Margate
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Visiting Margate

Last week a friend and I decided to take a quick trip to Margate. We took a train from St. Pancras and we where in Margate in 2 hours. Once there we decided to walk around and explore this beautiful seaside town.

Exploring the beach
Finding tiles and patterns

Margate has some of the best Charity shops, so its worth to take your time and explore the shops in the Old Town.

Then we found this cute tea room with the most beautiful yellow shades.

As a designer I’m always in the look for patterns, colours and typography. In Margate I found some of the most wonderful types all around the city, take a look at them and get some inspiration.

Spotted this cute bookshop with pastel facade.

This market is adorable. Inside you can find amazing food stalls, tiny bars, hair dresses and even vintage shops. All in one place.