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I’m more than ready for spring. This winter has felt so long, and I’ve been so unmotivated to do work, to exercise and even to travel (that was very worrying because you know how much I love travelling). But today the sun is finally out, and even though it is still quite cold, the sunshine gave me the opportunity to admire the vibrancy in natures’ colours that I so much enjoy. 
 I got inspired and started doing some research on colours. I stumble upon this gorgeous image via Pinterest and decided to create a spring colour palette. I definitely love the colours, they are pastels  ( my favourites) mixed with muted & dark tones which I think look fabulous for fashion and interiors. The dark tones give balance and creates a sense of refinement  and elegance while still being feminine. I found that the key for this combination to work is to use the dark tones in a  20% -30%  ratio for the whole palette.

Being such a fan of interiors and having just bought a new rug for my flat, I started looking at rugs that used this colour palette. Here are some of my favourites: