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Christmas is almost here and I’m so excited about this! Rodrigo and I try to go back to Mexico for Christmas and spend some time with our families, but this year we had to go to Mexico in August to do some paperwork, so we decided to stay here in London for Christmas. As we are spending holidays at home we were very excited to decorate our flat with a Christmas tree and have that cozy feeling.
Our flat is really minimal, and its colours are very neutral, so I wanted to add a touch of bright colours in a minimal way. As you already know I’m a big lover of Pantone, and while googling around I found they make some beautiful Christmas baubles. I was really temped to buy them all, but the colours didn’t quit convince me. I tried different palettes, but nothing, so I decided to create my own (I will be sharing a DIY tutorial on how I did them).
When done I wanted to add a little bit more colour, so I wrapped some presents with paper and ribbon with the same palette.
I’m really excited about the outcome, I just hope Santa brings so many creative gifts!