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Recently I’ve been experimenting with illustration a lot as a hobby. Back then, photography used to be my hobby and then I was lucky enough to have it became my full time job, I am very happy for this opportunity. But I feel sometimes photography doesn’t relax me as much, I’am always thinking about work. And as a creative you always have the need to use creativity as a form of meditation and relaxation. So that is why I started experimenting with illustration, drawing and sketching.

Then I met Michelle from Roxwell Press  who invited me to a workshop at the beautiful studio to learn how to make paints from plants. She is such a sweet person to be around with, we started by having tea and getting to know each other, and to my surprise we have more in common that I would have thought. It was such a delight connecting with other creative souls that have the same desires and struggles as me.

After that she gave me a tour to her beautiful studio. It was full of inspiring stuff everywhere! She had all her paintings hanging in the studio, all of my favorite magazines like Uppercase and Mollie Makes and some art books where she finds inspiration.

After that, the magic happened! We started to create our own paints form natural ingredients such as beetroots, red cabbage, and even grass! It was such an interesting process to see how everyday ingredients can be used to create art. After “cooking” our paints she taught me different watercolour techniques, she explain which are the best types of paper and we experimented illustrating some gorgeous flowers that she picked up at the market. One of the best creative afternoons I’ve had this year!

If you are interested in working with natural materials to create art, Michelle will be giving another workshop in August at the beautiful Chelsea Physic Garden where you can learn how to make your own watercolour paints with plants, and use them to make expressive and colourful botanical paintings. Get your tickets here.