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So far this year has been a great year in terms of collaborations. I’ve been lucky to be featured in several books that got published in 2018. I don’t know about you, but I get very excited whenever I order books via post, so can you imagine my happiness when I received the books I’ve been featured on? Yes! Very exciting. I’m sharing with you these features because their authors have put so much effort in creating them and have done an amazing job.

Styling for Instagram by Leela Cyd is a beautiful book for all Instagram lovers. Its full with tips and tricks for everyday, effortless and beautiful photography. 
I’ve been following Leela on Instagram for a long time and when I received her email for the collaboration I was thrilled! She asked me a few questions about my photography, my style, my inspirations and obviously about colours. 
Lodestars Anthology: Pathways edited by Liz Schaffer is a book dedicated to travel. She runs the amazing Lodestar Anthology Magazine. We collaborated last year when the magazine did an issue dedicated to Japan. One of my photos was featured in the cover and I wrote an article on cherry blossom seasons, see it here.
 In this occasion we decided she will write an article on Mexico, my country, and published it with a selection of my favourite photos. Liz had never been there, but I narrated her my travels around the south of Mexico,  Bacalar, Chichen Itza and the beautiful pink waters of Las Coloradas. She did an amazing job writing, its almost as if we experience this trip together.

If you wish to purchase Pathways use the discount code: PASTELS for a 25% off the cover price.

This book was published by the amazing team at Whalar. Having worked with them for a while now in digital campaigns (some of my favourites have been Ted Baker, Feel Unique and Proper Corn), it was exciting to collaborate for something that would become a printed version. For this book they wanted me to talk about stop motion videos, the magic behind them and why I love creating them.
The book Palette Perfect by Lauren Wager is a paradise for colour lovers. Have you ever heard of  Color Collective the blog? Its a place for artist and designers to find inspiration. Lauren wanted to publish three of my photos under the chapter “Delicate”. This book is a go-to guide whenever you need a dose of inspiration.